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Switching from domain

Published: January 28, 2023
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New year, new domain name.

From now on, all my content will be available at in place of the old

In the next few hours, I’ll set up some url redirects from the old domain to this one to make the transition easier for readers. Redirects will last for the period of time that the old domain remains valid.

Why am I doing this?

The main reason is that I want to make my blog more personal (not only tech related). Besides that, having a google domain was the only thing holding me back from completely de-googling.

The new domain is shorter, easy to remember, really cool (in my opinion), and cheaper to renew.

For those who follow me using a newsreader client, the new rss feed url is Now you also have the choice to use a json feed format

Please update it.

Questions, comments or concerns?
I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please share them through email or Mastodon.

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