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Andre Updates: April, 2022

Published: May 5, 2022
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Inspired by what I saw on Luke Harris` blog, I decided to create a short summary of interesting things that I did or happened in the past month, e.g., this blog. Yep, it’s a newborn blog, and I’m very proud of it.

I’ll try to separate things here by topics. These can be static (included in all updates, i.e., “blogging”, “reading”, and “music and podcasts”) or dynamic (any additional content or comment that I may find useful, for example, “games” or “other” (if I’m not feeling creative)).

Unless something happen, these update posts will be published at the beginning of each month.

📝 Blogging

I set a goal of making at least four posts per month (not counting the monthly “Andre Updates”), that is, usually one post per week. I can say that the month of April was a success, which keeps me motivated to keep writing.

Below are the posts from the previous month:

📖 Reading

I separated three articles that I found interesting and are, in my opinion, worth reading. The last two are related by the topic of the article.

🎵 Music and/or Podcasts

I really like listening to music. I feel that listening to music can regulate my mood and help me get things done in my day.

Today, my recommendation is the album More than just a dream (2013), by Fitz and the Tantrums. This band mixes pop/rock elements with an electronic vibe.

😎 Other

I’ve enrolled in the Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science (MITx 6.00.2x) course. I’m really enjoying the python programming classes, but I must confess that these data science classes are really hard for me to follow, which makes me question if it’s really something I want to learn.

Well, like everything in life, nothing worthwhile is easy, so I’m not giving up.

Questions, comments or concerns?
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