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Having a Bad Time with my Macbook Pro

Published: February 10, 2023
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I might have mentioned elsewhere my disappointed with my macbook keyboard, but I need to say it again: Apple butterfly keyboard is a piece of garbage.

Buying an apple product nowadays, in my experience, revolves only around hyping. It has been a long time that Apple devices are not recognized my something revolutionary, despite what its marketing department says in every iDevice launch. Not that one should expect for anything to be revolutionary, yet at least we should be getting things that work properly, especially when paying a premium price.

Back in 2010, I bought my first laptop, a macbook pro with reasonable specs. It was top-notch quality and customizable. It lasted 10+ years with basic upgrades - that I did myself - on memory and hdd (replaced to an ssd). You have no idea how I miss this machine. Never had a single problem. To be fair, the only issue was with OS upgrades itself that Apple started to make it purposely slow to make people buy new hardware.

My experience with my current laptop, a macbook 2018, has been a disaster. It was built beautifully design-wise, and the qualities stops right there. My battery after only 4 years needs to be serviced (it dies out of nowhere without the power cable), my keyboard, even after multiples deep cleanings, keeps failing, and to complete the list, all OS upgrades makes it super hard to digest with the added complexity.

Having my keyboard or battery replaced would cost me an amount of money that does not make any sense to spend. I’m not in favor of e-waste and will continue using this laptop for as long as I can. When the time comes, I’m likely looking for a better machine or something that, just in case, I can service myself. A new requirement would be having the possibility to install Linux natively.

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