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Published: November 2, 2023
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It’s funny how we create bonds of friendship. These bonds are often made up of common interests or difficulties, some of family proximity, admiration, or even some random event without explanation.

What all friendships have in common, however, besides mutual respect, is, in my view, the freedom to share feelings openly, to be who we are without judgment, and the absence of a predetermined give-and-take relationship or obligation.

Building healthy relationships takes a lot of time and dedication, so it’s common to have few friends and many acquaintances. We have acquaintances at school, at work, at the local caffee shop, in the virtual environment, in so many places that sometimes we confuse what type of relationship we share with someone.

We live in a time of friend scarcity. People are increasingly busy, struggling to survive, taking care of their lives and their families. With growing inequality, disinterest in knowledge, and social media, it’s hard to muster the courage to embrace a beautiful friendship.

If you have a friend, be grateful. A good friendship lasts longer than a lifetime.

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