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Formula One is back

Published: March 5, 2023
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The 2023 Formula One season is about to start, and I’m excited.

I’ve always been a motor racing fan, not only Formula One, and this passion made me want to learn and compete in virtual races.

Many Americans are fans of motor racing, but Formula One in specific has always been left aside for national championships such as NASCAR and Indy. This scenario began to change about 4 years ago after Netflix began to portray some behind the scenes in the series Drive to Survive, attracting new fans, mostly young people. Another important factor was the purchase of the category by Liberty Media, which bet on a complete shift on how we see the category and the use of technology, which allow viewers, for example, to have access to telemetry resources of cars, among other information.

My excitement with the beginning of the championship is just not greater because I can only watch the races from my couch.

With all these changes and modernization, the cost of watching a race on a racetrack is only accessible to people willing to pay astronomical fees. Last year, Miami was added to the calendar, but $600+ ticket discouraged me.

Well, I can’t say if Formula One is in the right track, but the races are in my heart and I will always try to find a way to be in touch with this wonderful sport.

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