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Embracing Fatherhood

Published: November 9, 2023
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AI Generated Summary: This text emphasizes the rarity and privilege of actively participating in a child's life, criticizes some men for behaving poorly and missing out on the incredible experience of fatherhood. The author acknowledges the challenges faced by mothers in dedicating themselves to childcare. The narrative highlights the difficulty of balancing work and parenting, expressing the importance of a genuine father-child connection and the sacrifices one makes for the well-being of their child.

The privilege of being present in a child’s life is for a few. I’ll set aside any politically correct annoyance, but I won’t refrain from saying that men in general often behave badly, which prevents them from enjoying an incredible experience, which is being a father.

Every man should salute a mother, the one who dedicates herself to her child, who loses many nights of sleep, who educates and feeds them.

The daily process of changing a man’s thoughts and behavior to take care of a home and a child is not easy (after all, how many parents prepare their male children for these tasks?). We’re usually taught that the house and kids are women’s concern, and our role is to provide financially.

Not that being away from our child due to a 6x7 job routine isn’t difficult either - in the world we live in, it’s kind of necessary - but the point is that this idea has prevailed for so long in the minds of many men, and this normalization often hinders the creation of a true father-child connection.

I give up many things to be a father. The choice to have a child is the choice to live for them until they can live on their own. This doesn’t mean giving up on myself, but it means putting myself aside because my child is the most important thing to me.

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